Ingenieurhydrologie und Wassermengenwirtschaft

EGU General Assembly 2005

Contributions of the Institute for Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Vienna University of Technology




<b>Monday, 25 April 2005</b>
11:30 - 11:45 ORAL, EGU05-A-06501;
Room: Lecture Room 18
Reszler, Ch.; Komma, J.; Gutknecht, D.; Blöschl, G.
<b>Runoff modelling for real time flood forecasting in the Kamp catchment, Austria</b>
14:15 - 14:30 ORAL, EGU05-A-03087
Room: Lecture Room 18
Parajka, J.; Blöschl, G.; Merz, R.; Wagner, W.
<b>Assimilating scatterometer data into conceptual hydrologic models at the regional scale (solicited)</b>
11:15 - 11:30 ORAL, EGU05-A-04059
Room: Lecture Room 19
Schmid, B.H.
<b>On the design of tracer experiments for parameter estimation in longitudinal solute transport modelling: a case of non-uniqueness</b>
14:30 - 14:45 ORAL, EGU05-A-03540
Room: Lecture Room 23
Laaha, G.; Blöschl, G.
<b>On the value of catchment grouping for low flow regionalisation</b>
Z084 POSTER, EGU05-A-09343
Poster Area: Hall Z
Laaha, G.; Blöschl, G.; Parajka, J.
<b>Consensus modelling of environmental flows</b>


<b>Tuesday, 26 April 2005</b>
9:00 - 9:15 ORAL, EGU05-A-04417
Room: Lecture Room 23
Zillgens, B.; Merz, B.; Kirnbauer, R.; Tilch, N.
<b>Runoff response of an alpine catchment: analysis and comparison across different scales</b>
13:30 - 14:00 ORAL, EGU05-A-06615
Room: Lecture Room 25 (B)
Blöschl, G.
<b>Parameterisation strategies for distributed hydrological modelling across scales (solicited)</b>
Y095 POSTER, EGU05-A-06713
Poster Area: Hall Y
Reszler, Ch.; Haiden, T.; Gutknecht, D.; Blöschl, G.
<b>Ensemble predictions of floods in the Kamp catchment, Austria</b>
Z217 POSTER, EGU05-A-08948
Poster Area: Hall Z
Merz, R.; Blöschl, G.
<b>What are suitable catchment attributes for regionalising floods? (solicited)</b>
Z261 POSTER, EGU05-A-06526
Poster Area: Hall Z
Skøien, J.O.; Blöschl, G.
<b>Geostatistical interpolation of runoff</b>
Z133 POSTER, EGU05-A-10341
Poster Area: Hall Z
Haas, P. ; Kirnbauer, R.
<b>Once bitten twice shy - Experience gained from Work in an experimental Basin in the Alps</b>


<b>Wednesday, 27 April 2005</b>
9:30 - 9:45 ORAL, EGU05-A-06480
Room: Lecture Room O
Skøien, J.O.; Blöschl, G.
<b>Measurement scale effects on spatial characteristics</b>
15:45 - 16:00 ORAL, EGU05-A-11004
Room: Lecture Room 17 (M)
Blöschl, G.
<b>Potential of satellite data in flood forecasting (solicited)</b>


<b>Thursday, 28 April 2005</b>
9:00 - 9:15 ORAL, EGU05-A-11011
Room: Lecture Room 25 (B)
Gutknecht, D., Drabek, U., Kirnbauer, R., Blöschl, G., Reszler, Ch., Komma, J.
<b>Operational Flood Forecasts at the Austrian Danube</b>
A170 POSTER, EGU05-A-03100
Poster Area: Foyer A
Parajka, J.; Szolgay, J.; Merz, R.; Kohnová, S.; Blöschl, G.
<b>Regional calibration of rainfall-runoff model parameters: A Slovak-Austrian comparison</b>
A164 POSTER, EGU05-A-08255
Poster Area: Foyer A
Blaschke, A.P.; Schilling, Ch.; Zessner, M.
<b>Danubs - nutrient management in the Danube basin and its impact on the Black Sea - The role of the water balance calculations</b>


<b>Friday, 29 April 2005</b>
11:15 - 11:30 ORAL, EGU05-A-08285
Room: Lecture Room 25 (B)
Merz, R.; Blöschl, G.
<b>Spatio-temporal analysis of event runoff coefficients</b>