Ingenieurhydrologie und Wassermengenwirtschaft

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Ecohydrology. Processes, Models and Case Studies

Edited by D Harper, University of Leicester, UK; M Zalewski, University of Lodz, Poland; N Pacini, Italy

With increasing pressures on the environment, the need to manage rivers as ecosystems has been recognized. Integrating techniques and theories from ecology and hydrology, the management of natural processes in the water cycle will be more effective in improving the resilience, resistance and adaptation of aquatic ecosystems. In this way, the natural organisms of river basins can be preserved, enhanced or restored for sustainable use and management.

published by CABI


Main Contents

1. Linking Biological and Physical Processes at the River Basin Scale: the origins, scientific background and scope of Ecohydrology
M. Zalewski, D. Harper, B. Demars, G. Jolankai, G. Crosa, G. Janauer and N. Pacini


2. Patterns and Processes in the Catchment
D. Guknecht, G. Jolankai and K. Skinner


3. Nutrient Processes and Consequences
N. Pacini, D. Harper, V. Ittekot, C. Humberg and L. Rahm


4. Lotic Vegetation Processes
G. Janauer and G. Jolankai


5. Processes Influencing Aquatic Fauna
J. Gore, J. Mead, T. Penczak, L. Higler and J. Kemp


6. Ecohydrological Modelling for Managing Scarce Water Resources in a Groundwater-dominated Temperate System
J.P.M. Witt, J.Runhaar and R. Van Ek


7. The Benefits and Risks of Ecohydrological Models to Water Resource Management Decisions
J. Gore and J. Mead


8. Nutrient Budget Modelling for Lake and River Basin Restoration
G. Jolánkai and I. Bíró


9. Ecohydrology Driving a Tropical Savannah Ecosystem
E. Gereta and E. Wolanski


10. The Mid European Agricultural Landscape: catchment-scale links between hydrology and ecology in mosaic lakeland regions
A. Hillbricht-Ilkowska


11. The Ecohydrological Approach as a Tool for Managing Water Quality in Large South American Rivers
M.E. McClain


12. Ecohydrological Analysis of Tropical River Basin Development Schemes in Africa
N. Pacini and D. Harper


13. Ecohydrological Management of Impounded Large Rivers in the Former Soviet Union
B. Faschevsky, V. Timchenko and V. Oksiyuk


14. Paleohydrology - The Past as a Basis for Understanding the Present and Predicting the Future
L. Starkel


15. Ecohydrology - Understanding the Present as a Perspective on the Future: Global Change
I. Wagner