Ingenieurhydrologie und Wassermengenwirtschaft

Spatial Patterns in Catchment hydrology

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R. Grayson and G. Blöschl

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Cover and Table of Contents

Part 1: Fundamentals

  • Chapter1.pdfSpatial Processes, Organisation and Patterns (Rodger Grayson and Günter Blöschl)
  • Chapter2.pdfSpatial Observation and Interpolation (Günter Blöschl and Rodger Grayson)
  • Chapter3.pdfSpatial Modelling of Catchment Dynamics (Rodger Grayson and Günter Blöschl)
  • Chapter4.pdfPatterns and Organisation in Precipitation (Efi Foufoula-Georgiou and Venugopal Vuruputur)
  • Chapter5.pdfPatterns and Organisation in Evaporation (Lawrence Hipps and William Kustas)

Part 2: Case Studies

  • Chapter6.pdfRunoff, Precipitation, and Soil Moisture at Walnut Gulch (Paul Houser, David Goodrich and Kamran Syed)
  • Chapter7.pdfSpatial Snow Cover Processes at Kühtai and Reynolds Creek (David Tarboton, Günter Blöschl, Keith Cooley, Robert Kirnbauer and Charlie Luce)
  • Chapter8.pdfVariable Sources Areas, Soil Moisture and Aktive Microwave Observations at Zwalmbeek and Coët-Dan (Peter Troch, Niko Verhoest, Philippe Gineste, Claudio Paniconi and Philippe Mérot)
  • Chapter9.pdfSoil Moisture and Runoff Processes at Terrawarra (Andrew Western and Roger Grayson)
  • Chapter10.pdfStorm Runoff Generation at La Cuenca (Robert Vertessy, Helmut Elsenbeer, Yves Bessard and Andreas Lack)
  • Chapter11.pdfShallow Groundwater Response at Minifelt (Robert Lamb, Keith Beven and Steinar Myrobø)
  • Chapter12.pdfGroundwater-Vadose Zone Interactions at Trochu (Guido Salvucci and John Levine)

Part 3: Implications

  • Chapter13.pdfTowards a Formal Approach to Calibration and Validation of Models using Spatial Data (Jens Christian Refsgaard)
  • Chapter14.pdfSummary of Pattern Comparison and Concluding Remarks (Rodger Grayson and Günter Blöschl)