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Symposium on "Deciphering River Flood Change", Vienna, 3-5 September 2012

There are rising concerns that floods in European rivers have increased and will continue to increase. However, the process causes of any such changes are not clear. Potential drivers include land use change, river training and climate dynamics. During 3-5 September 2012 a symposium will be held in Vienna to contribute to better understanding when, where and how floods have changed in Europe, and what can be said about floods in the future including ranges of predictability. The topics addressed include the following: Recent evidence on flood changes; Historic floods; Atmospheric and land use controls on flood changes; Flood change modelling; Harmonising flood related data in Europe

The symposium will be co-organised by the FloodChange ERC Advanced Grant and COST Action ES0901.

Information and call for papers:
Contact: undefinedviglione(at)